Conquering the Writing Slump.

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This week I decided to talk about something that has been plaguing me the last couple of months. It’s something that I think most writers deal with at some point in their writing careers, and that is the writing slump.

Now before you click out, let me say that there is a difference between writer’s block and a writing slump. Writer’s block is when you stare at a blank page for days on end and you can just not figure out what to write for the life of you. A writing slump, on the other hand, is when you know exactly what you need to write, with your detailed outline and folder of plot ideas, but for some reason, you can just not bring yourself to put words on the page. Both of these are equally troublesome to writers, but as I stated before it is the latter that has been bothering me the most the last few months, so that is what we are going to be talking about today.

The first tip I have for all you struggling writers out there is to consume media by someone who inspires you. This could involve reading a book, or you can watch a movie or TV series. All that really matters is that the writing strikes a cord with you. Some of my favorites are the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings Movies, and of course the Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. Doctor Who is also a pretty big inspiration, though admittedly I don’t write much Sci-Fi.

Bonus points if the media you’re consuming is the same genre as the story your writing.

The second tip I will suggest is checking out what other writers are up to. Nowadays you can find a plethora of writers on YouTube and Twitter, and I often find that watching other people talking about their own writing, often gets me excited about my own writing all over again. In the same vein as consuming media by other writers, allow other to inspire you and get you excited about what you are doing. Some people I would recommend are Jenna Moreci, Kim Chance, and the YA Word nerds, all of whom are writers who post videos about writing tips and updates.

Finally, and perhaps the most productive out of my three tips is try writing in a different format. You have probably heard about people recommending you change the font type or size in order to keep your story interesting, but have you ever thought about changing the way you write? If you’re like most people who type their story up on a computer, why don’t you try writing a scene or two by hand (bonus points again if you have an awesome pen; shout out to the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen)? If handwriting isn’t for you, perhaps you could try dictating part of your scene. You don’t even need to invest in a fancy program, just head over to Google Drive, and under the tools tab and click voice typing. Whatever you need to do, just try and find some way to spice up the writing experience.

So I hope some of the tips are helpful. Leave a comment below telling me what is some media that inspires you?

And as always, see you next time!


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