Embarrassing Stories I have Written.

Since I did a Top 5 Wednesday Prompt on Sunday, I decided to take a crack at a different prompt this week. Word Bound is a weekly writing prompt created by Kristina Horner and is focused on getting people to write more, something that I desperately need to do myself. This is actually an older prompt that was due by in February, but better late than never I say!

The prompt for this week is to talk about something embarrassing that you have written, and oh boy do I have some laughable treats here for everyone to enjoy!

So a lot of my oldest writings are not available to read since they were written in middle school before I began posting my stories online; however, I will say that looking back they were pretty cringe worthy. One was named Igzondian Trilogies (a name that I stole from a close friend) and was basically a self-insertion fan fiction with pretty much all of my favorite characters from anime and video games. Another was actually a piece that I wrote for my English class in 6th grade, about triples who had to help find and free Santa Claus who had been kidnapped with the help of an elf named Crystal and the power of Christmas; however, I feel that the stories that most people are interested about are the ones that I actually posted online.

So in eight grade, I discovered a site called FanFiction.net. At the time I was stupidly into Yu-Gi-Oh, and after reading a number of the stories on the site decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing some of my own. This lead to the mary-sue filled mess that is The Beginning (As the title suggests there was suppose to be more to it, but I dropped it pretty quickly). This has pretty much everything you would expect in a cringe fan fiction, but at the time I remember being really proud of myself for finishing a complete story!

From there I went on to write 5 more Yu-Gi-Oh fan fictions, and one fan fiction for an old TV show called Mummies Alive. Just reading the description for these on the site is pretty cringe worthy, but if you are interested in checking them out, I’ll leave a link to my profile below.

Before we finish up though I just want to leave behind a little bit of a PSA. I believe sharing work we consider embarrassing, or horrible can be pretty helpful for us as the writer. Not only can we see how far we have come, but you quickly realize that everyone starts somewhere, and even if the piece you are working on is the most cliche fanfiction in the world, it is still one step closer to becoming a better writer.

This is also something that I want you to consider when browsing sites like FanFiction.net, ArchiveofOurOwn.com or even Wattpad. Even if you see a story that is horribly cliche and full of grammar and spelling mistakes remember to be kind and encouraging with your writing. Help them continue to grow as a writer, rather than putting them down because their first, or maybe even tenth time writing something doesn’t come out perfect.

Anyway, now with that out of the way, here is the link to my FanFiction account in case you are interested in reading some of these for a good laugh:

Taylor and Kiara on FanFiction.net

And leave down in the comments below, have you written any cringe-worthy fiction, and if you did what did you learn from it? And until next time, see you then!


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