How I Track My Writing

march-trackerSo when I posted my writing update a few weeks ago, I mentioned that would be doing a post about my word count tracker, and here it is. Be forewarned, it is a pretty short post, but it is also a pretty simple tracking method.

So as I mentioned before I originally got this idea from Kara over at from a printable that she had made available during NaNoWriMo last year (though obviously her’s is much more artistic than mine). The tracker is divided into four sections, starting with my daily goals, then how much I have actually written that day. Next is my goal for the month, followed by how much I have actually written for the month.

I think what I like best about tracking my writing this way is that I can really see how much I am getting done. I can also think back to what I did that day that allowed me to write as much as I did, and try to set myself up for similar success in the future. I also really like watching my numbers for the month continually rise as I write more and more words.

I also enjoy coloring in the boxes on the opposite side of the page whenever I hit a milestone. For every 500 words written, I got to color in one of the boxes, and it always made me feel good to do so.

word-countThe next thing some of you may be wondering is how do I keep track of my word count as someone who is hand-writing their novel?

Well, I am sad to admit this is also something I stole from Kara over at Bohoberry. In her NaNoWriMo blog, she showed her viewers how she was keeping track of her word count by writing the total word count at the bottom of the page, and writing the date that she started at the corner at the top. That is pretty much what I am doing, the only real difference is that I am putting both my total word count as well as the date up at the top of the page. Basically, after finishing the page I will count how many words are on the page, and add it to the total from the previous page.

If you are interested in checking out BohoBerry’s original printable you can check out the link HERE to head over to her blog post where she talks about her NaNoWriMo bullet journal. If you want to check out her NaNoWriMo vlogs, you can head over to her YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

If you are a writer who happens to bullet journal then I would love to see how you keep track of your writing!

Anyway, that is all for now. And until next time, see you then!


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