T5W: Favorite “Non-Written” Stories

So sorry I have been absent for the last few days guys. I have been super sick with the stomach flu, and have been focused on getting better.

That being said, I am back with another Top 5 Wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme started by Lainey over at Gingerreadslainey and is currently run by Samantha over at Thoughtsontomes.

This week’s prompt is “Top 5 Non-Written Books” and include audio books, comic, graphic novels, etc.

fullmetal-alchemist1. Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

Fullmetal Alchemist is a Japanese graphic novel (also known as a manga) that follows the story of two brothers who are trying to get their original bodies back after losing them trying to bring by their mother using the science of Alchemy.

Fullmetal Alchemist was one of the very first manga that I have ever read, and I instantly fell in love with all of the characters. The plot asks a lot of very interesting questions regarding religion, and just how far is too far when it comes to using science. This is definitely a series I would recommend to someone who has never read a manga before.

2. Kingdom Hearts by Shiro Armano

This is another manga, but this one is actually based on the popular video game series of the same name. Kingdom Hearts follows the story of Sora, a young boy who has been torn from his Island home by the heartless as he searches the universe for his friend Riku and Kiri. Along the way he is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy who are looking for their king Mickey.

Alright, so basically this is a manga rehashing of the video games, and may not be enjoyable for some people, but I found that this series was so cute, and getting to see all of my favorite Disney characters in manga form was just the best thing ever! I think this might be a cute manga for young children or people who are simply a fan of Disney.

the-colour-of-magic3. The Discworld audio books

Alright so taking a break from the number of graphic novels on this list. The Discworld Series is a series of books written by Terry Pratchett that all take place on a planet supported on the shoulder of four giant elephants riding on the back of a galaxy turtle. That premise alone is enough to make this books high enjoyable but Nigel Planer, who narrates a number of the Discworld books absolutely sells the satirical nature of these novels. He nails the voices for each of the characters, and there is just something about his voice that always has me laughing.

If you haven’t read any of the Discworld books (the first one being The Color of Magic), I would highly recommend checking out the audiobooks first.

4. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

Okay, so I am pretty sure no one is surprised that Saga made it onto this list, and I can almost guarantee that it is going to be on the list for a number of people, but who can blame them?

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Saga follows the story of a young family who is on the run after two soldiers from warring planets fall in love and have a child together. All of the characters in this series are absolutely fantastic and I never fail to get sucked straight into the drama that has me rooting for our two main characters. Now I have only read the first five volumes of this comic, but I would highly recommend this series to people of a mature audience since there is a lot of graphic content that is sexual in nature.

miss-peregrine5. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: The Graphic Novel

Alright, so before I jump into this I will say that I have read the actual Miss Peregrine’s novel; however, I found that I great enjoyed the graphic novel over the novel itself. Not particularly sure why, but there was something about the graphic novel that really pulled me in and had me enjoying the story from beginning to end.

Even if you haven’t read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children I would still recommend checking out this graphic novel. It is like an abridged version of the novel itself, which some people may or may not like.

And so there you have it, my 5 favorites “Non-Written” Stories! If you have checked any of these out then feel free to leave a comment below and we can get a discussion.

If you want to see what some other people down for their answers, you can head over to the Top 5 Wednesday’s Goodreads page by clicking HERE.

And until next time, see you then!


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