NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

The time is here.

It is Halloween, and more importantly it is NaNoWriMo eve. Tomorrow millions of writers all over the world will begin their writing journey over the course of the next thirty days; however, every great explorer knows if they plan on completing their adventure then they will need a survival kit. So I figured I would show you what is in my survival kit so that perhaps you can get inspiration for tools that can help you complete your novel this month.

1. The first item in my survival kit is should be obvious. I use my laptop for typing up my story on the program Scrivener. I like using it for both outlining and typing up my story to keep everything organized.

2. My cell phone. So I use my cell phone for several reasons. It works as a timer and for listening to music so I am not tempted to browse the Internet on my computer.

3. A notebook for those pesky days where I am forced to pull myself away from my novel and go to work like a responsible adult. I don’t know about most people, but I get a thirty minute lunch break which serves as the perfect opportunity to get words in.

4. You also need a place to back up your novel. There are quiet a few programs out there, but I use Evernote. The ability to make notebook stacks for each of my projects have been really helpful for organizing all my notes. You can also use sites like Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, or DropBox.

5. Candy, which is self-explanatory. I think candy is a staple for most NaNoWriMos, so I wont go into it to much.

6. Hot Drink of choice, and for most people this would be comprised of coffee; however, I am not a big fan of coffee. I prefer either hot tea (Irish breakfast is my favorite), or hot chocolate.

7. is a site that plays white noise in the background that sounds like rain and thunder. I find that this calms my often hectic mind and helps me focus on what I am doing.

8. The final item in my survival kit in Pandora. I know most people have moved over to spotify, but I still perfer the ease of Pandora, with my favorite station being Film Scores This paired with rainy mood in the background sets the perfect atmosphere for writing.

There it is, my survival kit that will make this crazy adventure in November that much easier (hopefully).

If there is anything you have in your survival kit I didn’t add here, put it in the comment section, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween!


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