Camp NaNoWriMo: July 2016

It’s that time of year again. That time when writers from all around the world pick up their tool of choice; whether that be a computer, typewriter, or paper and pen, and prepare to sit down and write a ridiculous number of words in 30 days, (or in this case 31). That’s right Camp NaNoWriMo … Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo: July 2016


T5W: Favorite Character Names

So this is something a little different this time. This week I am doing a Top 5 Wednesday which was started by Lainey over at gingerreadslainey and is currently being run by Samantha over at thoughtsontomes. Let's jump right on in! 1. Perseus Jackson from The Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of … Continue reading T5W: Favorite Character Names