Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

ObsidianObsidian begins when Katy and her mother moved from their apartment in Flordia to a small town in West Virginia. So after moving Katy meets her strange neighbors, and pair of twins name Dee, and Daemon Black. While Dee and Katy quickly become friends, Daemon acts like a complete jerks and the two spend most of their time arguing, but these twins are hiding a secret, one that may just put Katy in danger herself.

The Plot

. So you have a girl who moves from a large very warm city, to a small town where it is usually raining and she meets a mysterious group of people that are hiding a secret. She starts to feel an attraction to one of the boys to is constantly pushing her away because it is to dangerous…

Does this sound fimiliar to anyone?

While reading Obsidian I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between it, and Twilight; however I feel like Obsidian is what Twilight could have been, if more thought had been put into the characters. While I wouldn’t say that Obsidian is an action-packed novel, it certianly does have quite a bit of action in it, and the battering between our two main love interests are more than enough to keep readers entertained inbetween action scenes. ‘

The Characters

Like a stated above a lot of the characters in Obsidian have parallel’s to the twilight characters

Katy = Bella

Daemon = Edward

Dee = Alice, etc.

However these character are certainly mored developed, and definitely more interesting. Katy is a book loving nerd (Just like me ^.^), who isn’t a complete wall flower, but isn’t the most popular girl in school. Daemon has the body of a god, but the mouth of a snake. He is a complete jerk who loves nothing more than pushing Katy’s buttons and watching her squirm. The interaction between these character had me rolling on the ground laughing as some points and scream that others. Some other really notable characters who have to be Daemon’s sister Dee, who is super cute and adorable and just seems like an overall fun person to hang out with.

The World

Now we don’t actually know much about this town, other than it is super small but at the same time I think for Obsidian that is okay. The world didn’t play so much into the plot, as it was more of just a back drop for the rest of the story, and therefore too many details could have bogged down the story.


five-starsAs you can probably guess I certianly gave this book and five out of Five stars for its witty characters and overall fun plot line. I certainly look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series soon, and I would definitely suggest that you do that same if you haven’t already.


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