Divergent by Veronica Roth

4th of July 6Beatrice Prior lives in a futuristic Chicago that is divided into 5 Factions Dauntless the brave, Abnegation the Selfless, Amity the Kind, Erudite the smart, and Candor the honest. When she turns 16 she has to take an apptitude test that tells her which faction that she belong to; however the test doesn’t work on Beatrice, which means she is divergent.

Divergent follows her story as she tries to make her place within the Dauntless, while also uncovering a plot created by one of the other factions to over throw the current government, and to wipe out all of the Divergent.

The Beginning

In the beginning we meet sixteen year old Beatrice Prior, and Abnegation girl who is going in to be tested on which of the five faction, she would fit in best at; however something goes wrong, and Beatrice finds out that she’s divergent…

Veronica wastes no time going into the meat of the plot, giving a glimpse at the world through Beatrice’s eyes before throwing you head first into the plot. Now there is a lot of character building as Beatrice decides which of the five factions to join, and as she is going through the initiation into the new faction, and some people may find this boring, or slow; however I thoroughly enjoyed watching Beatrice (or Tris as she is called now), begin to grow as a character, as well as the many intense action scenes throughout the first act.

The Climax

There are so many twists and turns in this novel  that before you know it you’ll forget which way is up and which way it down…okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, but seriously, this novel was so action packet, and had multiple plot twists which make it difficult to really point to the true climax. Perhaps we could just make it simple and say that there are more than one climax. Either way the twists and turns will definitely turn this book into an all-nighter.

The End

I was very impressed with the ending to this book. One of my biggest pet-peeves when dealing with a multi-book series, is that the authors tend to drop the plot out of nowhere, and tell you to just wait for the next book. I absolutely hate this, though I wont go into a rant as to why on here. Divergent however, wraps everything up into a nice little bow, and the only real question you’ll be asking is, what happens next? Which is how a book in a series should end.


There are a lot of Characters in Divergent, however I never had an issue keeping track of them, and even mourned some of the minor characters when they died. Perhaps the only thing that could have been better, was to have some kind of interaction with the main antagonist who doesn’t actually physically show up until the last quarter of the act.

Tris, or protagonist on the other hand was amazing, she was small but she used that to her strength instead of falling into the damsel in distress category. In fact she even ends up saving the main love interest towards the end of the book .


There where quiet a few aspects of the plot that reminded me of “The Giver” by Louis Lowery, if there was more fighting and more action in it. Veronica know exactly how to take on one crazy ride that will keep you guessing until the end.

I actually saw the movie before reading the book, and even though I already knew what was going to happen, I still found myself becoming emotional at scenes, or refusing to put the book down until I knew what would happen, which is a sign of good story telling.


There isn’t too much over the top description; however there is enough for you to get an idea of the surroundings, and Veronica created some amazing settings for her novel. When she describes her characters, she doesn’t become overly flower, but keeps her descriptions short sweet and to the point.


This was told in first person, which usually I don’t enjoy too much, but it really seemed to fit with Divergent, and I loved getting to ready from Tris’s point for view, and getting to really see her struggles weither it is about losing her family when she decided to switch factions, or having to keep the fact she is divergent a secret, because otherwise she will be killed.


This was an amazing story, with wonderful characters, and settings that is action packed with quirky humor and intense bouts of emotion. There’s not much else to say other than that!

I would recommend Divergent to anyone who enjoys reading stories with strong female leads, or to anyone who enjoys quick paced action, or anyone who simple enjoy Dystopian Novels like “The Giver”

So I hope you enjoyed the review and as always until then, see you next time!


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